Phoenix Alternative Program


Wayne Hill Center

937 Fir Street                                                          (540)946-4626
Waynesboro, VA 22980                                          (540)946-4643 

General Overview

Phoenix was created in 1988 as a drop out prevention program.  This program was conceived, designed and developed by three former staff members of Waynesboro High School: Principal, Tom Muncy, Assistant Principal, Ron Hennis and Teacher, George Buzzard.  The program was designed to be non-traditional, flexible and to cater to individual needs of high school students age 16 and over.  The primary purpose of the Phoenix Alternative Program is to help students catch up and earn the 22 credits needed for the standard diploma.  Students in this program follow an alternative education plan individualized to meet each student’s needs.

The ISAEP Program was mandated by the General Assembly of Virginia in March 2000.  This program allows 16-year- old high school students to leave regular school and enter a GED Program.  To do this a student must have a 7.5+ reading level and score a minimum of 410 on each of the 5 sub-tests on the Official GED Practice Test.  The student must also complete a vocational component, which includes 20 classroom hours of pre-employment skills and working a part-time job for a minimum of 6-weeks.  When students successfully complete the ISAEP Program, they are able to participate in all graduation activities, and are high school completers.

Enrollment Procedures

  • Must be at least 16 year of age
  • Completed a minimum of two semesters of high school
  • Attendance (absent less than 15 days per semester or show 505 improvement in a 6 week period)
  • Completed application Phoenix Application

Phoenix Hours

Building Hours: 8:00-3:30
Classroom Hours:
  AM: 8:30-11:15                 PM: 12:15-3:00

Phoenix Diploma Program:  Monday through Friday
ISAEP Program: Monday through Thursday


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